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What We offer

Our OffshoreWindManager web-based application offers customers a bespoke solution to manage wind park operations in the most efficient way possible.

The Software provides:

• Permit-to-Work,
• Method statements,
• Reporting & Documentation,
• Helicopter & Ship Registration, plus
• Management,
• Construction &
• Ship Crew Management statistics

.. in one, integrated software package. Based on a both innovative and intuitive interface, our software focuses on creating an efficient & cost optimal process manager for you.


OffshoreWindManager is developed to support all phases (commissioning, construction, operation and future decommissioning) of wind park management. We are able to fully tailor the software to each individual requirement and we deliver new functionalities necessary to support evolving client & market needs.

Main features

Statistics & Analytics

Full working task & accreditation analysis of total personnel (from each & every stakeholder at any given moment) engaged in the construction of the windpark.


Coordinate & control the Permit-to-Work process. Keep track of individuals, Method Statements & Marine Warranty Survey Requirements.

Reporting & Documentation

Fully integrated - to keep records of each & every Marine & Helicopter operation.

People tracking

Check and keep track of all Persons entering your wind park. Manage Certificates, location access, etc..

Any Questions?

If you are interested in the OffshoreWindManager, and would like to receive further information about the benefits of our software, feel free to send us an email.

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